Best 12 Week Pregnancy Diet Plan for Your Healthy Baby

Best 12 Week Pregnancy Diet Plan for Your Healthy Baby

It has been quite a journey, has it not? Just 12 weeks ago, you had your last period, and now you have a perfectly formed baby in your pregnant womb. You may have seen a midwife or a doctor, and you may have had your first scan and started showing. We are sharing the best 12 Week Pregnancy Diet Plan.  Happy times to come!

What To Eat  in 12 Week Pregnancy Diet

People advise pregnant women to watch what they eat and drink. This is one of the reasons why choosing healthy fruits is important during pregnancy.

Fruit nutrition will provide the fetus with nutrients that are essential for growth and development. Good nutrition plays an important role in overall health, helps the body function properly and reduces the risk of other diseases.

It is medically recommended that a healthy diet should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. However, many pregnant women may not realize that certain fruits are very helpful during pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Eating Fruits During Pregnancy

There are many health benefits from eating some of the selected fruits during pregnancy – before and after the trimester.

An exciting part of eating a variety of fruits is the variety of nutrients it has that are very important during pregnancy as the right nutrients can help the fetus (unborn baby, over eight weeks) to grow and develop properly.

In addition to supporting the growing child, an improved diet of vitamins and minerals can help a pregnant woman maintain a healthy body.

In addition, eating plenty of fresh fruit during pregnancy can help ensure the safety of the woman and the baby as they stay healthy. Fresh fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals and are a good source of dietary fiber, too. Following are the best 12 Week Pregnancy diets for your healthy baby.

1. Avocados


Avocados contain a variety of nutrients, which are an excellent source of:
• B vitamins
• Potassium
• Copper
• vitamins C, E, and K
• Monounsaturated acids
• Thread
Avocados contain a healthy diet that gives energy and protects neural bone defects. They also enlarge the cells that make up the fetal skin and brain tissue.
Also, avocado contains potassium which provides relief from leg pain, another common symptom during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester.

2. Apricots

Best 12 Week Pregnancy Diet Plan for Your Healthy Baby

• Vitamins A, C, and E
• Calcium
• Steel
• Potassium
• Beta carotene
• Phosphorus
• Silicon
These nutrients serve as a source of growth for the baby. On the other hand, iron prevents anemia and calcium helps bones and teeth to grow stronger.

3. Apples

which is the best fruit to eat during pregnancy

Green Apples
Apples are full of nutrients to help a baby grow in the womb. This fruit has a variety of properties including:
• Vitamins A and C
• Thread
• Potassium
According to research, eating apples during pregnancy can reduce the chances of the baby developing asthma and infections over time.

4. Berries


The berries have antioxidant properties, which are a rare source of hydration.
• Vitamin C
• Healthy carbohydrates
• Antioxidants
• Thread
The berries contain a lot of water, making them start as an excellent source of hydration. The properties of antioxidants help to absorb iron and increase the immune system.

5. Bananas


Bananas contain a lot:
• Vitamin C
• Potassium
• Vitamin B-6
• Thread
Banana fruits can help fight pregnancy-related constipation, and there is some evidence to prove that vitamin B-6 eliminates nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy.

6: Dates


Dates contain a lot of rich nutrients that work well for women during pregnancy and also reduce childbirth.
The following nutrients are available:
Vitamins A, E, K, C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Folates, Niacin, B6, Pantothenic acid, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Choline, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese.

What Pregnant Women Should Eat Easy Delivery

7. Guava


Guava is rich in vitamin E and folate, making it an important fruit to eat during pregnancy.
Guava is a good choice of fruit for pregnant women because it contains the following nutrients:
• Vitamins C and E
• Polyphenols
• Thread
• Carotenoids
• Isoflavonoids
• Character

Guava contains a combination of nutrients. It helps pregnant women during childbirth. Eating guava gives a lean muscle tone, helps digestion prevent cancer and reduce constipation. (Learn more about Guava’s 16 incredible health benefits)

8. Grapes


Grapes contain antioxidant properties that can boost the immune system.
Eating too many grapes can increase women’s access to:
• Vitamins C and K
• Character
• Thread
• Organic acids
• Pectin
The grapevine nutrients help with the biological changes that occur during pregnancy.
Grapes also contain antioxidants that boost the immune system, including: flavonol, tannin, Linalool, anthocyanins, and geraniol, which help during childbirth.

9. Mango


Mangoes are rich in vitamins A and C.

10. Oranges


Orange serves as an excellent source for:
• Character
• Vitamin C
• Water
Oranges contain human properties that can help protect the neural tube element.
Neural tube defects can cause conditions such as spina bifida, in which the spine does not grow properly, and anencephaly, in which a large part of the brain and skull are absent.

11. Pears


Pears are a source of the following nutrients:
• fiber
• Potassium
• character
Potassium has health benefits that make the heart healthier for both pregnant women and the baby. It also stimulates cell regeneration.

12. Pomegranates

– Vitamin K
– Calcium
– Character
– Iron
– Protein
– Rope
Studies suggest that drinking pomegranate juice helps reduce the risk of injury to the placenta.
Therefore, dense pomegranate and nutritious pomegranates are a good source of energy, with high iron content that prevents iron deficiency.

What’s happening to my body?

We hope you start to feel better as the first trimester draws to a close. There is a good chance that the placenta is now feeding your baby, taking it out of the yolk sac, and once this happens your hormones will decrease slightly.

Your waist may be tightening, as your breasts grow. When the illness subsides you may start to feel hungry and anxious if you are eating enough for you and the baby (see ‘Stop walking’). You may be wondering if your bump should look bigger or smaller. Try not to compare yourself with other women – there are many things that will determine how big your belly is growing including your hormones, pre-pregnancy weight, how many babies you already have, and the strength of your muscles. You may look younger if it is your first pregnancy and you have a sports character, and it is great if you are pregnant with twins and you are a great lady, but everyone is different!

What Diet Is Best For Pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy (12 weeks)

You may be thinking ‘Signs? What are the symptoms? ‘But some women will suffer. Your pregnancy symptoms may include:

• stomach ache
• Nausea – find out about morning sickness remedies
• mood swings
• The taste of iron in your mouth
• sore breasts
• diarrhea and heartburn
• headache
• dizziness
• New taste and dislike of food and drink – anyone who loves fish fingers with jam? Read our tips on strange pregnancy cravings here
• a high sense of smell
• ejaculate white milk from your vagina
• easy vision (see your doctor if you bleed if you are pregnant)
• constipation, such as periodic pain
• dark skin on your face or brown spots – this is known as chloasma or ‘pregnancy mask’
• oily, stained skin
• Thick and shiny hair
• constipation and a feeling of constipation

There is more! Tommy’s, a child support grant, has a list of 10 common pregnancy complaints and advice on how to handle them.

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