18 Weeks Pregnancy Diet – Symptoms & Exercise

18 Weeks Pregnancy Diet – Symptoms & Exercise

Time to change things. What should be 18 Weeks Pregnancy Diet? You are very conscious about your diet to born a healthy baby. From about 18 weeks of pregnancy, you should start sleeping on your own instead of on your back. Here is because the baby (and your uterus) is going big enough to press against the large veins in the back of your stomach, which can decrease the amount of blood in your heart, which You may feel dizzy. Or lowers your blood pressure.

Sounds scary, but it’s just to stop sleeping on your side. However, your veins are not the only things that are under pressure – you too! Pregnancy Week 18, a lot is going on. Make sure, in your busy schedule, that you set aside some time to take breaks and open.

18 Weeks Pregnancy Diet

Maybe you are trying your best to eat well this week and get what you need to grow healthy. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to eat and what to avoid.

Some foods are not safe. But there are also many myths about food in pregnancy, not all of which are supported by science. Learn more about:

  • papaya or pineapple
  • mangoes
  • You eat dried fruits and nuts
  • You have instant noodles

18 weeks pregnant baby position in womb


As a dietitian, what I’m particularly excited about at this stage is the fact that this is the month your child will begin to develop taste buds! Thus, you must eat a variety of healthy foods to help you become accustomed to a variety of tasty foods.

Try different fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts and broccoli that can be a little more bitter) to help avoid years of arguments on the dinner table. Kangaroos, goats, sheep, fish And try a range of herbs and spices, including beef, and lean meats.

Keep making sure you are eating all the basic groups of your food – they are grains, meat or meat substitutes, milk, or milk substitutes, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, and check that your iron Meeting your own needs for calcium and iodine. . Fermented foods, grains, vegetables, and fruits are especially good for your gut microbiome; and your gut microbiome can affect the future health of your bulb, so you need to reduce the amount of processed sugar. Reduce, and choose first and probiotic foods instead.

Adding common allergens to your diets, such as wheat, soy, fish, seafood, and nuts, can also help boost your intelligence.

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If you are not eating very low mercury, high omega 3 fish, you should continue to take prenatal and omega 3 supplements.

If you haven’t met your dietitian since you became pregnant, now is a good time to arrange a review.

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Symptoms at 18 weeks pregnant

If your pregnancy is progressing without complications, your symptoms may be milder this week. You may experience increased energy, but also fatigue. When you feel tired, taking a short nap can help. Other symptoms that occur during week 18 include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common complaint in pregnant women. It is caused by a nerve in the wrist and causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the hands and arms. Sixty-two percent of pregnant women describe these signs.

If you work on a computer, make sure your workstation is ergonomic. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to vibrations, such as electric tools or lawnmowers. Separation of the wrist also helps to relieve painful symptoms.

The good news is that carpal tunnel syndrome resolves after birth in most pregnant women. If you suspect you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, talk to your doctor.

Body aches

Physical pain, such as back, back, or thigh pain, may start during your second trimester. Your body is changing rapidly. If your uterus enlarges and pushes your stomach out, your center of balance will change. This can help with physical discomfort. Your baby’s growing weight can also put extra pressure on your pelvic bones.

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Hot or cold pressure or massage may help. Make sure you find a duct that specializes in prenatal massage and tells you how far you are when you book your appointment.
Leg pain is also common at night. Stay hydrated and spread your legs before bed. This can help prevent pain. Walking during the day can also help.

Skin changes and itching

The itchy stomach is common during pregnancy. You may also should itchy hands or feet. Avoid warm rain and itching or tight clothing. A gentle moisturizing lotion may also help.

You can also start drawing a line under your belly, or a dark line. It is a benign condition and usually resolves after birth.

Stretch marks during pregnancy are probably the most common and common skin changes that affect 90% of women. Signs of stress usually begin to appear during your second trimester. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to stop it.

A recent review of condition prevention methods from a reliable source found that cocoa butter and olive oil, commonly used topical treatments, to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks Are not effective Most persistent scars begin to disappear slowly after pregnancy.

Additional symptoms

Symptoms that you have experienced throughout your pregnancy such as heartburn, gas, bloating, and frequent urination may continue this week. You may also experience nasal and gum problems, including congestion, swollen gums, or dizziness.


18 weeks pregnant movement

You may find that activities like roller skating and motorcycling increase with your collision and your balance changes, so switch to other activities that don’t require much balance, such as water aerobics and Swimming

Back pain is a common reason why women stop exercising at this stage of pregnancy, when in fact, movement is the best way to deal with back pain. I suggest that you give up high-intensity exercise and focus more on incidental, less moderate-intensity exercises such as swimming and walking. If you haven’t already found one, buy a pedometer or step counting tool, and make sure you’re walking at least 10,000 steps every day.

Swimming is also a really good choice because it is gentle on low intensity, pain, and discomfort is a great way to relieve a lot of stress and burn clots to strengthen your strength. Try to make time to go to the beach or pool at least twice a week.

If at any time you experience severe abdominal pain, bleeding, or a significant decrease in your child’s mobility, stop exercising and seek medical advice. Continue the physical activity until the end of your pregnancy is safe, but stop and get checked if your body is telling you, and then get on the horse when everything is fine.

18 weeks pregnant movement

To help you eat healthier during pregnancy, I have developed a 7-day pregnancy meal plan. Download for free here now.
I want to chat with you again soon!

What happens at 18 weeks of pregnancy?

You are engaged in self-care to help your child’s development! When you see your next senior doctor, you still have two weeks to reach the midpoint of pregnancy. You may also be waiting for an ultrasound, where you have to check your little condition.

Tips for 18 weeks pregnant

Raise the leg in pain

In addition to drinking plenty of water, you can help prevent leg pain by adding the right nutrients to your diet. Make sure you are getting calcium, magnesium, and potassium in prenatal vitamins or fresh fruits and vegetables.

Treat your feet

Your feet may be swollen due to all the extra fluid you are carrying in your body at 18 weeks to help the baby, and gravity is not helping. You can get some comfort by using pillows to raise your legs above the level of the heart. Another good reason to relax and unwind when you can! If the swelling is particularly bad, or you have a lot on your feet, try compression socks.

Pull it out

Show back some TLC from your discomfort with some simple yoga-style straightening parts that reduce the pain. Start the tabletop position on your hands and knees with a flat back and then round your back upwards as you gently pull your belly like a cat suffix. Hold the tabletop for a few seconds before restarting. The baby pose is great too! And it’s also very comfortable!

Buy a body pillow

If you want a good night’s sleep (and really, who doesn’t), try using a pregnancy pillow. This can help you to get a good night’s sleep by adjusting to your 18-week-pregnant belly, and it can also reduce back and hip pain.

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